We are no longer wrapping our books in plastic. If you would still like your books in plastic please send us an email with your order number.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order $98.00   

Viking is the sole North American provider of the renowned pink shaded, blue shaded & narrow ruled writing paper and 1 CM & 1/2″ Graph paper in notebooks, loose paper, coil bound books, bead frame paper,  dot game papers, addition, subtraction, multiplication booklets, 1 cm graph paper, 1/2″ graph paper, parts of speech paper, cutting exercises, pink shaded lined paper, notebooks, maps, coloring sheets.

Viking Company prints Montessori school writing paper and makes coil bound note books, 1 cm graph paper, 1/2″ graph paper. Viking Company is the manufacturer of Montessori school supplies to the United States and Canada.

Please use our online ordering system when ordering. It eliminates most errors and you can see pictures and descriptions of exactly what you are ordering. We provide support for any issues you might encounter.

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